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The Bouncergear Nightclub & Bar Security Training Program consists of 2 types.

1-Seminar - (1 day) Price : $1500 plus expenses.

2-Home study course - Price : $250.

*both these include Training manual & videos on CD and School Certificates for each student/Bouncer.

Course Description

Section 1 - Function and Responsibilities of the Nightclub Security Professional

-Introduction to role of nightclub security professional
-The Cooler leadership qualities and responsibilities.
-Building the Machine How to build a security team
-Professional Codes and Ethics
-Club Drug Awareness
-Security Notepad Writing
-Security Report Writing
-Fire Safety Training
-Supporting Local Law Enforcement

Section 2 Practical & functional Methodology

-Introduction to communications skills and conflict management
-Application of communication skills and conflict management
-Anger management and Self-control techniques
-De-escalation skills
-Conflict Resolution The Psychology of Bouncing
-SAR Matrix Security Action Response Matrix
-Working the Door
-ID screening
-Working the Floor
-Handling violent patrons - H.A.T. Physical Intervention Training.

Duration : 8 hours ( for the Seminar)

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